Flexible and Easy

Our tilting and shock-mounted operational monitor cases are custom sized for individual monitor to reduce any light coming through the case. The monitor is mounted into the case by a full width CNC punched chassis, which incorporates apertures for fixings and fans etc.

Easy to install, the monitor is simply fitted into the case via the VESA mount with supplied screws. The case also includes a deep folding sunshade, Arri style spigot and threaded mounted plate, which is fitted to the base of the case as standard.

Arri HI-5 Peli and Aluminium Case

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Deep folding sunshade

Monitor Chassis

Operational Monitor case

Small HD Cine 22

Small HD Cine 22 1

Small HD Cine 22 3

Spigot and Threaded Plate

Sunshade and Arri style spigot housed in rear lid

“Our equipment has been kept safe and well presented by Case Design cases for over ten years now. They are the only flight case manufacturer we have found that consistently matches our attention to detail and exacting standards.”

Shaun Atherton
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