What sets our products apart

Our policy is to offer high quality products to meet a broad range of market needs.
We manufacture our own products and partner with market leading organisations.
Wherever possible we use components that are readily available and can be sourced in the UK.

Over the years we’ve come up with designs for some key components which are unique to Case Design – examples include our rigidised aluminium panels and aluminium extrusions which are produced to our own specification. Likewise we’ve designed our corners so cases can be readily identified and securely stacked.
It’s this attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition.

Our cases are in the main custom designed to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

We offer a CAD design service using Auto CAD technology. We create conceptual drawings and indicative costings. Once the conceptual design is complete we go on to create a working prototype and firm up costings. Once the prototype has been finalised we can then move into production.

The internals of our cases are constructed from high quality foam. We use a variety of types foam
to provide the necessary level of protection, including Plastazote and Etha Foam.
The foam is shaped using our high speed CNC router.

Arri HI-5 Peli and
Aluminium Case

“Our equipment has been kept safe and well presented by Case Design cases for over ten years now. They are the only flight case manufacturer we have found that consistently matches our attention to detail and exacting standards.”

Shaun Atherton
No Drama