Film and Television

The main industry we deal with, from individual needs up to large outside broadcast companies. We custom design solutions for each customer whether it be a small lens case, up to a full mobile DIT station.

Defence Industry

We have been supplying case solutions into the defence industry for decades. We have custom designed cases and enclosures that can deal with all terrain and environmental challenges.


We have been making cases for this industry for decades, from small personal kits to large laser machines. We also offer anti-static foam for kit that is ultra-sensitive.


With our CNC punch, this has allowed us to manufacture circuit board mounting plates, enclosures and patch panels. Holes and cutouts can be made with extreme accuracy for large batches and repeat orders.

“Case Design offer unrivalled quality and consistency, which is why they have supplied our flight cases for 30 years!”

Chris Eyles
Presteigne Broadcast